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    Xbox Live Gift Cards are the ultimate gift choice for all passionate gamers. These cards can be redeemed at Microsoft’s online store, on Windows, as well as Xbox. Gamers are very strict when it comes to their gaming choices, so opting for a gift card instead of purchasing an actual game might be a mistake - you never know whether they will like your choice.

    These gift cards never expire and they can be used to purchase movies, TV shows, video games, applications, devices, and a lot of other cool things. The only downside, though, is that you can’t redeem these cards in physical stores. Most online stores, on the other hand, will accept Xbox Live gift cards.

    They are very easy and convenient to use. After purchasing a gift card, customers can choose the email address where the gift card will be delivered. Once the recipient receives the gift card, they will see a unique code. This code is used to redeem the Xbox Live gift card amount on any item or items of choice.

    Since Black Friday is approaching, this can also be the perfect way to show someone that you care. And what’s better than providing your loved ones with a way to purchase their favorite Xbox Live products? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect time to surprise your family and get some jaw-dropping deals.


'GoldenEye 007' will hit Switch and Xbox on January 27th
'GoldenEye 007' will hit Switch and Xbox on January 27th

One of the best-loved Nintendo 64 games is coming to Switch Online's Expansion Pack this week. Back in September, Nintendo revealed that GoldenEye 007 was coming to the service and now that day is almost upon us. You'll be able to start playing the game on your Nintendo Switch starting on January 27th. The game will be available on Xbox on the same date.It's unusual to see a licensed game arrive on Nintendo's subscription service, but GoldenEye 007 is one that many fans have been looking forward to replaying (or even playing for the first time). It remains to be seen how well Rare's classic first-person shooter will hold up almost 26 years after it debuted on the N64. Hopefully, Rare has improved the janky controls and awful framerate from the original game. There are some new additions to the Switch Online version, though, including a widescreen mode and online multiplayer. So, you won't necessarily need to cram around the same TV to take on your friends in a "slappers only" deathmatch .Rare is also bringing a "recreated" version of GoldenEye 007 to Xbox consoles this Friday with dual analogue stick support, 4K resolution and "a consistent refresh rate." Oddly, there's no online multiplayer on the Xbox version, though there's still four-player splitscreen support. You'll be able to access it through Xbox Game Pass. Owners of the Rare Replay collection can download GoldenEye 007 to their Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S at no extra cost.

An Xbox and Bethesda showcase is set for January 25th
An Xbox and Bethesda showcase is set for January 25th

The first major gaming showcase of the year (unless another one emerges in the meantime) is on the calendar. Xbox and Bethesda are hosting an event on January 25th at 3PM ET. You'll be able to watch it on both brands' Twitch and YouTube channels.The so-called Developer_Direct will be presented by creatives from various studios and it will center on major features, gameplay and more details on titles coming to Xbox, PC and Game Pass in the next few months. It's unclear whether any third-party studios will be involved.Turn 10 Studios will provide more Forza Motorsport  details and gameplay, while there will be some info on the player vs. player experience in Minecraft Legends . Both of those games will arrive this spring. Expect to see more single-player and multiplayer vampire slaying in Redfall   too, along with updates on the combat, customization, bosses and open world. Hopefully, we'll get firm release dates for all these games too.Curious about what's coming to Xbox?​​Check out Developer_Direct on January 25, featuring news and gameplay from some highly-anticipated games: | — Xbox (@Xbox) January 11, 2023 You'll get a look at this year's major chapter update for The Elder Scrolls Online as well. Immediately following the Developer_Direct, Zenimax Online Studios will host an ESO Chapter Reveal Event to provide fans with more details.Don't expect to see much, if any, of Starfield during the Developer_Direct, though. Xbox says a standalone show for that game is in the works in order "to dedicate the proper amount of time for a deep dive." Bethesda's hotly anticipated space RPG is slated to arrive by the summer.After a fairly quiet 2022 for first-party Xbox games, Microsoft is looking to come racing out of the traps this year. Several other games are expected to debut on Game Pass in the first half of 2023, including Cocoon (from the lead designer of Limbo) and a little project called Hollow Knight: Silksong .