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Apex Legends™ - Octane Edition (Xbox Game EU)

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    Apex Legends - Octane Edition is jam-packed with cool features and additions. What makes the Octane Edition great is the fact that it comes with the Legendary Arachnoid Rush Octane skin, exclusive Violet Widow gun charm, legendary Archanoid Charge Rifle skin, exclusive venomous badge, as well as a thousand Apex coins.

    The story starts after the Frontiers war is finally over. Decades of conflict between the militia and the IMC have halted, and the Frontier is finally enjoying some peace. However, the world has suffered many consequences because of the war. Because the people didn’t have a way to support themselves, most of them were forced to leave home.

    Some individuals moved to the Outlands, which is a remote cluster of planets that were, fortunately, untouched by the war. However, even though the Outlands are full of life, there is still some danger lurking around the corner.

    Aperx legends - Octane Edition is guaranteed to provide you with excitement and fun. Players will be able to collect various crafting materials to create new pieces of loot. Once they’ve collected enough, users can go over to the Replicator to choose higher-tiered loots.

    World’s Edge has also been revamped by the creators. Now, users can observe geysers, changing leaves, as well as rocket sites that Hammond Robotics has deployed to transport resources from the planet. Lastly, users can complete daily and weekly challenges to boost their accounts and earn rewards like packs, XP boosts, and skins.


New Apex Legends Patch Reverts Horizon Nerf
New Apex Legends Patch Reverts Horizon Nerf

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has pushed out a small update ahead of tomorrow's Celestial Sunrise Collection Event launch. Despite its size, the patch does address a number of important issues and a revision to Horizon's ability set.🔧Rollin' out a quick @PlayApex patch🔧🤝 Legends start with correct number of tactical charges in BR3⃣ Firing Range easter egg can be activated again🌀Eliminating Wraith by headshot no longer causes incorrect particle effects🚀Horizon's tactical changes have been reverted — Respawn (@Respawn) January 23, 2023 The patch claims to reverse recent changes to Horizon's abilities, which were evidently implemented via the Spellbound Collection Event update. The change in question apparently decreased weapon accuracy when shooting while riding one of her Gravity Lifts. But this change wasn't listed in the Spellbound Collection Event patch notes, leaving players confused when the silent nerf took effect. Respawn addressed this in a tweet explaining that the nerf wasn't in the patch notes because it was unintentional. A fix was rolled out on January 13, but today's patch offers a more stable solution.A quick note to our @PlayApex dearies before you launch into the weekend🚀: Accuracy while shooting from Horizon's Gravity Lift was inadvertently affected with the 15.1 update. We've just rolled out a fix to correct this. — Respawn (@Respawn) January 13, 2023 Today, Respawn also expanded on the Gravity Life debacle in a follow-up tweet, saying that players won't notice a difference, as these changes were technically already reverted in the January 13 patch. But this time around, the change is being implemented properly via a game update, as opposed to forcing it through a server-side fix.Continue Reading at GameSpot